VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


1.      Connect with Cisco VPN (only if off campus)

a.       Download VPN Client from ISU Helpdesk (will require filling out form and waiting for response)

                                   i.      ISU VPN Client

b.      AnyConnect Secure Client (Linux, Mac, Windows)(Will require free signup with cisco)

                                   i.      Put in “vpn01.ilstu.edu” as the address


2.       Setup the VMware Horizon View Client

a.       Download the VMware Horizon View Client

b.      Install with default options and the View Connection Server is: “vdi.ad.ilstu.edu


3.      Open VMware Horizon View Client

a.       Double click on “vdi.ad.ilstu.edu”

b.      Logon with your ISU ULID and password

c.       Double click on the VM-Pool you would like to access

                                   i.      ITLab-Pool(Win7) – General use virtual machines

                                 ii.      ITPersonal-Pool – Faculty/Staff/GA virtual machines

                               iii.      Class Specific VM Pool – your instructor will give you the name