There are two known fixes available to address the stability of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013/2015/2017 (in Windows 7 or Windows 10):

1) Delete your Visual Studio appdata:

Please note: steps differ slightly if you are doing this in a VMware persistent VM (such as the WebDev VM). Replace C:\ with D:\ if you are in a persistent VM.

Close Visual Studio if it is open.

1) Open Windows Explorer

2) Type C:\Users\ULID\appdata in the address bar (where ULID is your University Login ID)

3) Navigate to Local\Microsoft\

4) Delete the folder 'VisualStudio'

2) Repair your Visual Studio installation (this only applies to persistent VM users)

Close Visual Studio if it is open.

1) Click the Start menu

2) Type 'programs and features'

3) Search in the top right for Visual Studio

4) Right-click "Microsoft Visual Studio 2017" and select "Change"

5) Click the drop-down menu and select "Repair"