Login in to your Microsoft OneDrive Account through Internet Explorer (only IE), and make sure the keep me signed in checkbox is marked:

a.       Goto portal.office.com

b.      Click Keep me signed in at the bottom right BEFORE logging in with your ISU email

c.       Select OneDrive for Business

d.      Make sure to use your ulid@ilstu.edu account

e.      Click yes to remember username and password

f.        (If on personal device) Add https://illinoistateuniversity-my.sharepoint.com to trusted sites in IE > internet options > security > Trusted Sites, set to Low, click on Sites, and add

g.       Open a command prompt and enter the following command:

                                                               i.      net use o: "https://illinoisstateuniversity-my.sharepoint.com/personal/%username%_ilstu_edu/Documents"

h.      This will map you 1TB OneDrive account to the letter "O:"